My interest lies in the relationship of shapes, both positive and negative, as well as the relationship colors. I have recently returned in earnest to my art to explore this interest and have begun a deep exploration of shapes and colors and how they exist and relate in space. I am fascinated by the brain’s ability to seek out these relationships and find meaning and familiarity in the shapes and color relationship. I am also interested in creating movement and change in the composition.

I begin a painting with a basic idea of where I would like the painting to go. From there, the painting tells me where I should bring it sometimes taking me on a long journey. Looking closely at the surface of my paintings you can see where I have been and how shapes and colors were developed and grew to become the final painting. I paint mostly in casein as I have found that it’s consistency, color, and coverage is the best paint to help me achieve my vision.

Recently, I have taken up Adobe Fresco on my iPad. I find that, along with the Apple Pencil, the program offers the closest simulation to traditional mediums. You can find the art created in Adobe Fresco under the Artist Prints menu category.