About Me

I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. I studied painting under Jeremy Foss and George Nick at Massachusetts College of Art in the 1970s. My interest in color in space started taking hold while mainly painting in a representative style. After graduating from Massachusetts College of Art I continued my studies at Skowhegan School of Art in Maine in 1979 and went on to pursue a Masters Degree at Boston University graduating in 1983. After graduating I went on to a career in graphic design while painting on the side. Having left the commercial art industry, I have more time to focus on painting.

About My Art

My interest lies in the relationship of shapes, both positive and negative, as well as the relationship colors. I have recently returned in earnest to my art to explore this interest and have begun a deep exploration of shapes and colors and how they exist and relate in space. I am fascinated by the brain’s ability to seek out these relationships and find meaning and familiarity in the shapes and color relationship. I am also interested in creating movement and change in the composition.

I begin a painting with a basic idea of where I would like the painting to go. From there, the painting tells me where I should bring it sometimes taking me on a long journey. Looking closely at the surface of my paintings you can see where I have been and how shapes and colors were developed and grew to become the final painting. I paint exclusively in casein as I have found that it’s consistency, color, and coverage is the best paint to help me achieve my vision.


1983 – Master of Fine Arts in Painting, Boston University School for the Visual Arts

1979 – Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

1978 – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Massachusetts College of Art


2019 – 29th Annual All Florida Juried Arts Show

2014 – Spotlight on New Talent, curated by Bruce Helander, Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum, Tequesta, Fla. (3 paintings)

2010 – Florida; New Interpretations Martin Arts Council annual Juried show

1999 – On Your Own Time, Fidelity Investments

1998 – On Your Own Time, Fidelity Investments

1996 – On Your Own Time, Tufts